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Hello my dear friends & ongoing supporters, & Happy Album Release!!!

I’m so excited to finally have "Myopia" out in the world so everybody can hear it. It's my thirteenth album — which I consider a milestone! — and for that I wanted to approach things a bit differently than I have in the past. For one thing I wrote the majority of these new songs on guitar, not piano. I also couldn't help but be inspired by our current cultural and socio-political moment, and how the concept of "myopia" could be a metaphor for so much that’s going on in the world these days.

MYOPIA album cover

The idea of things coming in and out of focus depending on what lens you might be looking through seemed to be especially provocative right now. As someone who is legally blind without glasses, and who is also used to having to squint to see something more clearly, I started to think about nearsightedness on a much more macro level.

Rachael Sage by Erin Baiano

It was wonderful to work with my engineering team of John Shyloski and Andy Zulla once again on this record. John co-produced the album with me and mastered it, and Andy did the mixing. I also was so lucky and honored to be able to work with so many incredible musicians, starting with my touring band The Sequins (Andy Mac on drums, Kelly Halloran on violin, and Ward Williams on cello) and also James Mastro, who accompanied me on tour with Beth Hart last year on guitar. Drummer Doug Yowell, keyboardist Rob Curto, trumpeter Russ Johnson, lap steel player Ryan Hommel, and bassists Mike Visceglia and Mikhail Pavarov also added their magic...along with fabulous guest vocalists Nalani & Sarina, Gabrielle Louise, and Fiona Harte! And I am excited to have art-directed a hardcover book CD package for the first time, in collaboration with brilliant designer Chris Kornmann & photographer Erin Baiano.

I’m so grateful to all of them for their artistry, and I am so grateful to all of YOU for listening. I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed making it. Links below, and thanks in advance for listening, and for spreading the word!!

xo & gratitude,

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"Myopia" Is Available Now!

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