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"Alive" Video Out Now!

Behind The Scenes by John Shyloski

I'm so happy that Spill Magazine premiered my video for "Alive" earlier this week! The video features the phenomenal Elliana Walmsley of "Dance Moms" dancing to the beautiful choreography of "Dance Moms" choreographer Gianna Martello, as well as my band The Sequins (Kelly Halloran, Andy Mac, and Ward Williams). We shot it a few months ago in a Brooklyn loft under the direction of Nick Clark. Here's the official press release. You can also see a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos (shot by John Shyloski) here.

"Alive" is the most upbeat, positive song on my new album Myopia, and after I wrote it I felt very protective of it — like there was something precious about remembering to appreciate the gift of simply living, even as the world becomes ever-more chaotic. There‚Äôs a sense of anticipation and optimism in the lyrics, from the get-go...and it was very important to me that we capture the pure exuberance of the music via the movement of our brilliant young dancer Elliana Walmsley, whose sheer stamina was nothing short of staggering, on set; watching her fly through the air take after take with a smile on her face, bursting with the sheer joy of doing what she loves – however arduous – literally gave me hope for our future!

Click on the image below to watch on YouTube — and please share it far and wide! It's my most ambitious video yet, and I hope you enjoy it.

xo & light,

Click To Watch The Alive Video

"Myopia" Is Available Now!

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